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October 2016. The 'Point Henry 575 draft Concept Master Plan' for Alcoa freehold land at Point Henry has been released with the predominant theme appearing to be residential housing development. Residential development is proposed for the majority of the southern part of the land near the Portarlington road. This proposed housing development is extremely close to and surrounding a major Alcoa landfill containing highly toxic waste from the aluminium refining process. It is also adjacent to industrial sites to the east of the Point Henry road. Residential housing development also appears proposed for areas on the northern section of Point Henry.

The plan can be downloaded at:

October 2016. The Summary of Feedback, Community engagement Round 2 has been released and contains a detailed synopsis of feedback regarding the land-use scenarios. It is heartening and significant to see that the "Conserving Moolap" scenario has received the endorsement of 71% of respondants. The document is availble in PDF format on the DELWP website:

July, 2016. The Moolap Plan discussion paper has been released. It contains seven possible land-use scenarios. GEC attended a briefing on the plan on Tuesday 5th July. We are encouraged by the "Conserving Moolap" scenario, which proposes conserving the salt-fields area, a "Regional Park" for the present Alcoa industrial area, "Wetland/Retarding" basins on the east side of Point Henry and the retention of rural land on the south eastern section of the peninsula.

JUNE, 2016. The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning have released their summary of feedback for the Moolap Coastal Strategic Framework Plan. It is available on their website.

MAY 2016. The first half of the year has been extremely busy with producing our submission to the Moolap Coastal Strategic Framework Plan. This plan is being formulated by the State Government to guide future land use for the former Cheetham salt works, a part of Moolap and the greater Point Henry area. The land currently owned by Alcoa is subject to this process. Our submission was professionally printed and was quite comprehensive. This document forms the basis of our "vision" booklet. Our vision entails a bird-life park and nature reserve retaining the sea-barrier properties of the wetlands and the existing basalt sea wall. This document has been distributed to politicians, the media and other relevant parties.

During this period, we lost two long-term and valued members of the group. Rod Clark and Tony Woolford worked tirelessly for the environment and the group over many years.